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Lorde - The Louvre (Audio)

"The Louvre" is a song from Lorde's sophomore album, Melodrama.

On May 18th, Lorde released the track list for Melodrama and "The Louvre" was the fourth song on the list. In January 2015, Lorde posted a cryptic tweet that read "Perfect is in the Louvre". This could be a combination of "Perfect Places", "Writer in the Dark" and this song.

The song had co-production from Flume, along with Jack Antonoff and Lorde herself. The song is assumed to be about the happiness during the beginning of her relationship with James Lowe. Lorde herself commented on the track on a Spinoff Exclusive Podcast saying:

“I wanted to [give the feeling of] just like the big sun-soaked dumbness of falling in love and it’s like your whole head is like glue, it’s amazing. It is like drugs. It’s like ‘I just want to be by you all the time, I just want to listen to you talk and look at your face do all those dumb things that it does when you talk. It’s just like this big dumb joy and it’s intense – and I feel like the instrumentation in that song kind of helped it get there.”

Inside Louvre Museum Paris, Mona Lisa - (Part 1) France - 4K Walking Tour

Wandering in the world's largest art museum and a historic monument, Louvre Museum. Click here ▶ to see highlights and guide.

The Louvre is not only one of the best art museums in the world, it’s also one of the biggest. There are 35,000 objects on display out of a collection of 380,000. This walking tour features part 1 of the Louvre Museum in Denon Wing. First, a walk around before accessing the museum floor. Further on, a great display of the Greek and Roman antiquities and its famous statues; Aphrodite, Vénus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace and The Virgin and Child with four Angels . Followed by the decorative arts (paintings) area from Spain, France, Italy including the Mona Lisa.

Unfortunately, the day that I recorded this virtual tour, it was extremely busy due to bad weather. But normally the museum is rather peaceful and quite. I sincerely encourage you to visit the Louvre Museum one day. If you do, make sure to purchase your tickets at the official Louvre Museum website, direct link:


Date recorded: May, 2019
Weather: ⛅ 18C | 64F
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Highlights Timestamps:

▶(0:00) Start Louvre Tour Pyramid Entrance
▶(3:40) View under the Pyramid
▶(4:34) Start Louvre tour
▶(6:03) Salle des Caryatides Room
▶(06:14) Silenus carrying the infant Dionysus
▶(06:50) Artemis, goddess of the hunt, known as the ‘Diana of Versailles
▶(07:20) Old centaur tormented by Eros (Cupid), god of love
▶(08:12) Room 343 - Statue funéraire féminine
▶(08:19) Room 343 - Fragment de stèle funéraire : femme assise
▶(08:27) Room 343 - Lion funéraire
▶(09:00) Room 340 - Vase funéraire en forme de dinos
▶(09:59) The Athena of Velletri (Pallas de Velletri)
▶(10:23) Athéna armée du type "Athéna Parthénos"
▶(10:42) Zeus (Borghese Collection)
▶(10:46) Hermes Fastening his Sandal
▶(10:52) Borghese Ares
▶(10:59) Hermes Richelieu
▶(11:05) Venus Genitrix
▶(11:21) Borghese Venus
▶(11:33) Venus of Arles
▶(11:41) Statue - Aphrodite, The Venus de Milo
▶(11:44) Venus of Milo
▶(12:30) Tête d'Iris dite Tête Laborde
▶(12:35) Tenth metope from the south façade of the Parthenon
▶(12:44) Wing: Denon - Rotonde de Mars - Room 408
▶(17:18) Statue - Winged Victory of Samothrace
▶(19:45) Room 1 and 2
▶(20:40) Room 3
▶(22:12) Painting - The Virgin and Child with four Angels
▶(22:38) Hallway 13th 15th century paintings Italy
▶(26:18) Hallway 19th century paintings France
▶(28:07) Hallway 16th 17th century paintings Italy
▶(28:50) Hallway 17th 18th century paintings Italy
▶(28:50) Hallway paintings Spain
▶(29:48) Wing: Denon - Floor: 1st - Room 718
▶(30:02) PANINNI - Galerie de vues de la Rome moderne
▶(30:33) BATONI - Un homme aux talons rouges
▶(30:40) PANINNI - Galerie de vues de la Rome Antique
▶(30:54) BAZZANI - La Fille de Jephté
▶(31:12) EL GRECO - Le Christ en croix adoré par deux donateurs
▶(31:23) VERGNETTE - The Adoration of the Shepherds
▶(33:00) HERRERA THE ELDER - Saint Basil Dictating His Doctrine
▶(33:05) MURILLO - Angel's Kitchen
▶(33:10) MURILLO - The Holy Family, known as the Virgin of Seville
▶(33:30) PANNINI - Fête musicale donnée par le cardinal
▶(33:35) SOLIMENA - Héliodore chassé du Temple
▶(33:41) PANNINI Préparation du feu d'artifice
▶(37:24) Room 19th century paintings France
▶(44:47) Room Mona Lisa
▶(45:49) Painting - Mona Lisa
▶(48:00) Staircase
▶(48:58) Statue - The Dying Slave
▶(50:18) Room B Etruscan and Roman Antiquities
▶(50:44) Room 30 Etruscan and Roman Antiquities
▶(50:44) Room 27 Etruscan and Roman Antiquities
▶(54:22) Room 27 Etruscan and Roman Antiquities
▶(54:22) Room A Etruscan and Roman Antiquities
▶(54:48) Floor - Roman tile floor

Special thanks to F R Stell for the highlight contribution!

Le musée du Louvre, lieu vivant d'inspiration

Conférences et colloques
Le musée du Louvre, lieu vivant d'inspiration

Rencontre (Auditorium du Louvre, 14 octobre 2020)
Avec Jean-Luc Martinez, président-directeur du musée du Louvre, Jean-Michel Othoniel et Elias Crespin, artistes.

Le musée du Louvre a été créé pour les artistes comme un lieu vivant d’inspiration pour les créateurs de chaque époque. A l’occasion de l’entrée récente dans les collections du Louvre de deux œuvres contemporaines, L'Onde du Midi d'Elias Crespin et La Rose du Louvre de Jean-Michel Othoniel, Jean-Luc Martinez, Président-directeur, entouré d'Elias Crespin et Jean-Michel Othoniel, retrace les grandes commandes du palais qui, depuis ses origines, offre un cadre architectural idéal à la création artistique.
Cette rencontre rappelle le rôle essentiel de l’art contemporain dans un musée d’art ancien, le lien étroit des artistes vivants aux collections du Louvre, le regard nouveau qu’ils apportent au public.

Toutes photographies © Benjamin Carteret sauf mention contraire

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