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How To Make A N Male Crimp Connector - LMR 400 #665


ShowMeCables presents a dynamic video about terminating a N Male Crimp Connector. As you watch this video you'll learn how to terminate a this N Male Crimp Connector. You'll need to know how to solder for this product requires some soldering.

Product http://goo.gl/qcK8C breakdown:
N connectors are a threaded coaxial connector and are known for being a durable, weatherproof connector. N connectors are commonly used for RF applications and can carry frequencies up to 11 GHz.


Fits LMR-400 \u0026 Belden 9913
Crimp style
50 Ohm
Nickel plated brass

For more information please visit http://www.showmecables.com https://www.showmecables.com/blog

N Male Crimp for LMR200 - Terminate or Repair Your Coax Cable #668


Are you looking for a quick and easy installation or repair for your coax cable?

Our N Male Crimp Connector for LMR-200 is an easy to use, 3-piece design for terminating your cable. The 3 piece connector consists of the connector housing, a ferrule, and the male pin.

For this installation you will need: LMR-200 cable, a strip tool, a crimp tool, and the crimp connector.

Start inserting the ferrule over the jacket. Then use the strip tool to get rid of the excess jacket and dielectric in one smooth motion.

Pull back the braided shield. Crimp the male pin onto the center conductor. Then place the connector onto the cable and pull the ferrule up to the base of the connector, folding the shield with it. Then, use the crimp tool to terminate the ferrule onto the jacket.

For all of your cable and connector needs, choose Show Me Cables

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LMR 400

The goal of the Times team is to take complex matters and develop products that make them easier or more approachable for our customers. We’ve created a product that allows you to terminate cables with little skill or technique required – which we think is pretty great. In this instructional video, Kevin demonstrates how to cut and prep your LMR-400 cables using our EZ-400-NHM-Z connector, the easy-to-use, spring-loaded CCT-03 cutting tool, CST-400 prep tool and additionally the CST-300/400 crimp tool. You won’t believe how easy this entire process is using our tools and cables. Want to see more? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content. Want to learn more? Visit us at https://timesmicrowave.com.




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