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Shoe Daca: How to Fit and Size TOMS Shoes

Angela shows us how to properly size and fit TOMS shoes - classic slip-ons that are super comfortable for everyday wear!

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Tishta Lewis : I want to buy a 9 buttttt I’m a 9 W and it’s M so should I get a size larger or?
Patrick Wunsch : Sexy toes
Jonah B : I got the red university toms I’m a 14 so that’s the side I got them in they’re tight on my toes how do I make them fit?
3Muchlove : Toms do not run big! They run small, I had to get a size bigger than my usual size
Jose Lopez : Can you make a video of what to wear with Toms?
kevin kennedy : If I wear a size 7 in regular shoes what size would you recommend in toms
da_crazi_frog productions : I generally wear an 8 or 8.5. I tried the 8 in Tom's and they rubbed my heels where I thought they might blister. I ordered the 8.5 if they fit loose. There's about an index before the end but my heel can easily come out of the Tom's. Which size should I do? I'm worried the Tom's will fit too big.
Louis Newton : when did this happeb?!
Are Sol : I'm usually size 6.5 but I had to get 7.5 the shoes fit too big but the size 7 felt a bit snug. Should I have gotten size 7? Because 7.5 is too big they feel like flip flops.
La Reine Rose : Thanks, I just did a

Choosing TOMS shoe size - MUST SEE VIDEO

I normally wear size 8 - 8.5 in regular shoes.... This vidoe should clear up all the mixed reviews.People always ask what size TOMS they should buy. I posted this video to show and prove that no matter what the reviews tell you or what TOMS suggestion is to go down a half or whole size or not - THEY ARE ALL WRONG. Here is the proof size does not matter ;)
kronon exima : I always ordered size 7 and they were perfect. This time I ordered 7 and they are very tight with sole being noticeably smaller like this video shows. I checked out the boxes after another commenter said to look for a "blue dot" which indicates the newer sizing--didin't see a blue dot, but did notice the box for the more accurate sized shoe says "Made in China" and the box from the smaller shoe says "Made in Vietnam." So, I'm starting to think it depends on where they are made...
GreatGabriele : NOT SIZE
GreatGabriele : 7.5 WIDTH
Elizabeth Razo : ohhh that just happened to me sucks
Lovely Jackson : I want to buy some Toms but I have big feet (11) I can wear a Bob's by Sketchers 11 but I really feel tight in Toms 11.
Eagle B : Just say no to vertical videos
ah8yan : I am also having the same problem, I am on my 5th return to find the right shoes that will fit my feet from :-(
tobi1111 : They will stretch out dont worry if too tight just wear them for a while.
crabflab69 : I heard that Toms had changed their sizing standards some time ago so an old 8 would be smaller than a new 8. I guess the way to tell is if there is a blue dot on the box, then it is the newer sizing. It's possible that you got one pair in old sizing and the other in new sizing.
torn mask : greetings 037emka, i also faced the same strange dilemma so you're not alone cause my blue canvas classic Toms are also a tad snugged on my feet which my black canvas classic Toms feels great. i can't explain it either & i purchased mine directly from Whole Foods which they get them from TOMS Shoes factory, but after wearing my blues for awhile it feels alright now. though my blacks still feel perfectly better! oh well, just wanted to let you know. smile

Toms unboxing/review/sizing info | Babyv010

Hi guys!(: this is my second video so please excuse how much of a noob I am. I just thought if share my opinion on toms! Comment if u have any questions! I really think you should go get a pair;p
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Rin Oxalis : This girl is so sweet!
Leo Bruno : That Justin bieber poster tho.
Kody Childers : You look like babiicrittle are you guys twins?




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