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841/851 Doweling Jig Instructional Video Surface to End Joint

Assures alignment of dowel holes and pins. Helps create edge-to-edge, right-angle and edge-to-surface joints to be press-fit or glued

Trapezoid is KING pg. 650

2021 Honda CB650R Review | MC Commute

The 2021 Honda CB650R ($9,199) rightfully places itself among Big Red’s sport standard lineup, placed between the entry-level and relatively affordable CB300R and the larger-displacement CB1000R. This middleweight certainly offers an engaging and entertaining experience for most experienced riders, while serving as an approachable platform for riders with fewer miles under their belts.

Following a successful introduction to the US market in 2019, Big Red has made a number of revisions to the middleweight CB for increased practicality and performance. Honda addressed issues with the CB’s ergonomics, suspension, and engine performance with good, well-balanced results. This middleweight grows more attractive to all riders, while still elegantly dressed in Honda’s Neo-Sports Café styling.

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Videography/edit: Bert Beltran

Photography: Jeff Allen

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